Oh Feeny, where did you go?

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I’ll be honest. I’m 28 and I still watch Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. I guess I am still a kid at heart and those shows just make me laugh. However, the shows today are nowhere near as good as the shows of my generation: the great 90s! The thing that really disappoints me most about today’s kid comedy shows is that most of the adult characters are made to look incompetent and foolish, while the kids run the show. Especially teachers, which besides being portrayed as stupid, also are apathetic and hate their lives and their jobs. And they make that very clear to the students. No wonder kids don’t respect authority!!! These are their examples!!

Now I’m not saying that the shows of my day were perfect either. But let me just give you 2 words: Mr. Feeny. That name will strike admiration in the heart of any well-rounded 90s kid!! He was an all-time favorite of my generation in terms of beloved characters and TV role models. To the kid characters on the show as well as the generation of us who grew up watching them all. The kids may have tried to outsmart him at times and not agreed with or understood him, but they always realized he only wanted what was best for them and they respected him for it. Where are the Mr. Feeny’s for the next generation?

Every 90s kid’s dream is about to come true. They are making a sequel of this classic 90s show, called “Girl Meets World,” about Cory and Topanga’s daughter. I’m curious to see how it turns out. Will it stay true to the original style? Or will it fall prey to the new terms of youth comedy? Time will tell.



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You are absolutely right, Trina! There are still Mr. Feenys in the classroom, but not too many in the media.

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