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Maybe it’s because I’m a writer, studied journalism and took an intense grammar and a linguistics class in college. And because I’m just an all around (grammar) nerd. But I think the effect that texting and social media has had on the English language is very intriguing. I think it would be so fascinating to look deeper into it. What are all the terms, words, “rules”, etc. that have come from this technology? How does it affect students as they study English and how often does it show up in their writing? How socially acceptable has it become? Because I think that texting and social media may have gone so far as to create a new dialect within the English language. If I were still in school, this is definitely a topic I would want to research and write a paper on. Maybe I’ll study and write some thoughts of it on my own (with no pressure of a grade!).

Ok, that was my nerd moment for the day. If you are still reading this, thanks for sticking with my weirdness. Ha ha! 🙂


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2 Responses to “Nerd Alert!”

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My last three years of teaching were with Special Education students, independently and in small groups. More than one of them (jr. high boys) told me that texting was helping them learn to read. That was not what I expected to hear…I would have thought texting “dumbed down” conversations. But these boys didn’t have the properly spelled words yet in their vocabularies, so the phonetic spellings of texting made sense to them! (However, it drives ME absolutely crazy. I tend to use the same grammar and spelling in my texts as in any other writing, except for an occasional abbreviation.)

Wow, that’s very interesting. Never heard that one before! I am very grammatically correct in everything including texts as well! LOL is about the only text slang I use. 😉

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