Writer Stuck in an Accountant’s World, Part 2

Posted on August 24, 2011. Filed under: Uncategorized |

As I said in the end of part 1, you can’t take the writing out of the writer…

In a world filled with numbers, I get very few chances to use any of my writing skills. But I see the writer coming out in me in every little chance that I do get. First there are emails, my favorite part of the job, because it’s all about words! I probably proofread each email 2-3 times before I send it and then still wonder if everything was correct. I even find myself going to my sent folder and reading it again, even though there’s really nothing I can do about it at that point.

The other place in which I get to deal with words in my job is typing in the description for the invoices when I enter them in the database. It gives you a very limited amount of space to enter a description and sometimes the descriptions on the invoices are very detailed. Also, I pay a lot of invoices dealing with work done and parts bought for mills, so there is a lot of technical jargon to deal with. I crack myself up because it sometimes becomes a very stressful thing for me! I want to fit as much detail as possible and sometimes spend a couple of minutes trying to figure out what the best way to word it is. I’ve even caught myself thinking in terms of parts of speech. I say to myself something like, “Well these are the adjectives that describe the part or service and I don’t have room for all of those, so I may just have to put the noun or main verb.” Ha ha! Yes, I’m a nerd. 🙂


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Trina, you are not a nerd. You are my Beautiful, Talented, Wonderful, Christian Grandaughter. I love you so much and enjoy your blogs. Keep up the good work.

Love You Much.


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