Writer Stuck in an Accountant’s World, Part 1

Posted on August 17, 2011. Filed under: Uncategorized |

If you don’t believe that God has a sense of humor, just take me for an example. Here I am with a journalism degree, needing a day job while I build my writing career so it can be something I can live off of. And where does God place me? In an accounting job. Couldn’t be more opposite of where I want to be. And not only that, but I also have always despised math! Very funny, God! 🙂

Ok, I can’t say that writing and accounting don’t have anything in common. I’m actually quite familiar with the acronym for my job title, “AP” (a.k.a. “accounts payable”). Only, up until I got this job, “AP” to me meant “Associated Press,” most often used in association with the “AP” style of writing, which was drilled into my head from the moment I stepped into my first journalism class. The “AP Stylebook” was a writing and editing Bible of sorts that I carried with me almost everywhere I went.

But although the letters are the same, “AP” in accounting means a very different thing. It’s no longer a thrilling guide to help me be better at my nerdish hobby of editing. Those letters are now like a target on my back. I’m targeted for phone calls from companies who want to know where their money is, even when I’ve done everything I can do to get the bill approved and paid and it has somehow disappeared into the black hole that I’m sure exits for all those lost invoices. And I’m a target to come to when people need money and they need it now! Sometimes I feel like I’m in some contest to have to beat the world record for the fastest time processing a check on the spot.

But no matter how different this job may be from what I was born and trained for, you can’t take the writing out of the writer. Every crazy thing that happens, I think of in terms of a story to tell. And boy, oh boy, do I have some stories!


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4 Responses to “Writer Stuck in an Accountant’s World, Part 1”

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Love it and it’s OH So True. I studied to be a Secretary and when I got out of school was a Waitress. I did finally get to do what I wanted to do most of my working years. Just hang in there Trina. Love You, GMa

Thanks, Gma! Love you too! 🙂

Hi Trina,

I am having a blast reading all your blogs! I did not realize this was something that you love to do! I also hate math; ironically I am currently in the process of completing my Associate Degree and these are the last classes I have to take! You are doing a great job and look forward to continue reading your blogs!

Thanks, Liz!!!!!! 🙂 Hang in there with the math classes! You can do it!

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