Big Questions From a Little Follower of Jesus, Now All Grown Up: Prayer

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Why don’t we pray? I mean really pray! Growing up I learned to pray before I eat and before I sleep. Church services and Sunday School classes have always began and ended with prayer. We are told to share prayer requests with our church body. But lately I’ve been wondering if we really know what prayer is all about. Because where is prayer when we really need it? When did it become a ritual, another thing on the checklist of a Christian life, instead of a weapon against our enemy as we are called to use it in Ephesians 6.

Here are a few things that it seems we are replacing real prayer with: complaining, fighting/arguing, giving up, and walking away. When there is an issue going on in the church, we complain about it. Point fingers. Gossip. Why aren’t we praying? When we are having conflict with another person, we fight against them, put up walls, and get angry and bitter. Why aren’t we praying for them? We leave churches, abandon relationships, boycott events and ministries, all before we take the situations to prayer and fight on our knees with the powerful weapon given to us against the instigator, our real enemy behind all these things.

And when I say pray, I’m not talking about cliché, easy answer, a few quick whispered words kind of prayer. I’m talking about earnest, pray without ceasing, wrestling in prayer, fasting, whatever it takes kind of prayer.

So I ask myself and I ask you , fellow Christians, the church, why aren’t we praying and what’s stopping us from starting right now??


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4 Responses to “Big Questions From a Little Follower of Jesus, Now All Grown Up: Prayer”

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Trina, I love it. You really hit the nail on the head with this one. Love you lots.

Thanks, Mom! 🙂

Why aren’t we praying? Here’s my paraphrase from John Piper:
“Facebook and Twitter will be evidence on the Day of Judgment that our lack of prayer was not from a lack of time.” I think we don’t pray because we pretend that we don’t have time, when really we simply waste our time on the trivial, petty things of life. Just one reason among many, I think. THanks for the reminder that we MUST pray!

Wow! What a great (and convicting) quote! So true! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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