State Borders, A Walk To Remember, and Abundant Life

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A Walk to Remember is my all time favorite movie and one of my favorite scenes is when Landon helps Jamie accomplish a couple things on her list of what she wants to do before she dies, in particular, her wish to be in 2 places at once.  Landon makes this happen by having Jamie straddle the state line. Since seeing that movie, I’ve thought it would be fun to be able to do that. I was reminded of it this past weekend on a quick trip to Oregon with my family. I wanted to stop at the Oregon border and take a picture of me with one foot in California and one in Oregon. My dad went along with my craziness and  pulled over at the border. I hopped out of the car barefoot and ran to the gravel next to the “Welcome to Oregon” sign, situated myself so that one foot was on each side of the sign, smiled as my mom took a picture, and ran back to the car. It was so fun! For me it was one of those moments where whatever’s wrong at the moment goes away and you just feel life and joy bubbling out of you. One of those moments where you feel like you’ve experienced “life to the full” or “abundant life”  that Jesus talks about in John 10:10.

And I started to wonder why I can’t have those moments more often. Jesus didn’t say that He came for us to have “moments” of “life to the full.” Just simply “life to the full.” So why do I let myself get caught up with things that don’t matter? Why don’t I let myself experience that absolute joy and life that bubbles out of me? I think we could live like that all the time if we let ourselves.  If we figured out who we were created to be and be that. And if we figured out what we were created to do and do it.  See that straddling the state line was fun for me because I just enjoy random stuff like that. So why do I have to take myself so seriously?  Why don’t I let go more and have fun and be my random self? And I started thinking about the things that bring me the most joy. The things that energize me. I think those are the things that God created me to do. So to experience that “life to the full” I need to invest my time and energy into those things. Sure not every moment of life is going to be fun. And we are going to have to do things that we don’t particularly like. But we don’t have to let those moments steal our joy. The joy that comes from living  intentionally and pouring ourselves into what God has for us. In the grand scheme of things, if we are truly living an abundant, joyful life, the annoying, not fun things aren’t going to matter as much.

What are the things that bring you joy and make your life feel abundant? What are some ways that you can invest more time and energy into them?


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3 Responses to “State Borders, A Walk To Remember, and Abundant Life”

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Trina, you are so correct when you say you thrive on random things. You have the best sense of humor, but hide it so much of the time. This is a great article and OH, So, TRUE~~~

I love this picture!!!

Thanks!!! 🙂

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