The Wounds Within

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I cut my hand last month. An afternoon of washing dishes gone wrong left me with 2 lovely gashes on my right hand. Luckily they didn’t quite need stitches but it still handicapped me a little for the next week. Especially the first couple days, I had to try to do things mostly with my left hand, having to be very careful not to bump up my right hand too much and reopen the cuts. It affected everything I did. I typed slower at work. I had to put a plastic bag over my hand when I took a shower. I had the ask my mom to pump gas in my car. 🙂

Emotional wounds have the same impact. They have a major effect on how we live. But the difference from physical wounds is that they don’t heal as fast and we can forget they are there. But they are still there in the background guiding us subconsciously.

It seems as though God sometimes brings us through seasons that expose these wounds. He’s not trying to hurt us, but to remind us that these wounds are there and to lead us to a place where we can finally surrender those hurts to Him and let Him heal us. It’s for sure not a fun process. But as I’m seeing that this is what God’s doing, I clearly see His hand working in my life and I get excited about where He’s leading me.


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4 Responses to “The Wounds Within”

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Trina, You have done it again. I am so very proud of you. God is working in your life and some day He will use you to work in the lives of those who read what you have written. Jeremiah 29:11. He does have a plan for you.
Love you,

Awww!! Thanks Mom!! And thanks for pumping my gas when my hand was cut. he he 🙂

Ouch! I’m sorry you cut your hand. I remember getting a horrible blister on my foot and having to put a plastic bag over it while I was in the shower. Then, just when the blister seemed all better, it started hurting again–not unlike an emotional wound that hurts, seems to disappear from memory, and then reappears unexpectedly. But when the blister reappeared, that’s when I actually called the doctor and got medication and true healing began. Hm, and who is the Great Physician? 🙂
It’s not a fun process, is it? But I’m glad you can see him at work in your healing!

Thanks, Laura! I like what you said about going to the doctor. We do tend to be stubborn about that…we put it off and don’t go until we absolutely have to or until the pain or condition is too much to deal with anymore. We do the same thing with our spiritual lives. God’s there waiting to help us and heal our every wound, but we keep trying to fix everything ourselves. 🙂

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