Delete. Reprogram.

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The other day, some of my friends were saying that my brain is like a computer. I guess it’s true. It’s almost nerdish the things I’m able to remember! 🙂 This ability is a good thing for the most part. It came in handy when I was in school and memorizing stuff for tests. And it’s handy at keeping me organized and on track with everything I have to do in my daily life. But there’s a downside to it.  My computer-like brain which stores information, birthdays, things to do, etc, also stores my mistakes, hurtful things said or done to me, and all kinds of other negative things.  And if I can take the analogy further, at times my brain turns stuff into a virus that invades every part of my mind. See, I’ve got all these wrong ideas and self doubts programmed into my mind and the more my brain has turned and analyzed, these things have become so deeply ingrained that they are part of how I see and live my life. In a couple different instances lately, I’ve heard people or books make reference to the need to “reprogram” your brain. That’s what I need to do. I need to start putting God’s word and truth in my mind and have that computer in my head store that instead of all the garbage that’s in there now. And God’s truth is so powerful that if I really let it in, it can overcome all the viruses I have in there now. That’s easier said than done. Twenty-four-year old habits are hard to break! 🙂 But I’ve been in a season of God opening my eyes to all the wrong mindsets I have and the ways Satan has deceived me. I know God is working on me and about to do great things!!


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2 Responses to “Delete. Reprogram.”

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What great insight..Wish we all could see ourselves as we are… Love You Trina…Keep up the good work!

Thanks, Gma! Love you too! 🙂

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