Like a Baby

Posted on February 9, 2010. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Last week while driving home after going to meet my new baby cousin, my mind began to wander as it does and analyze this and that. I started thinking about how exciting it is when a baby comes into the world. They cause such an uproar (a good uproar!), bringing so much joy. People will flock to see the new life. And I got to thinking that every single one of us was that baby once. That new life. That excitement. That reason to celebrate. We were precious and loved just for existing. We were valued for just being us. But how quickly that seems to change. As we grow, it seems that we lose that initial value and now it’s up to us to earn it back. Some of this is our own insecurity, but in the eyes of this society and world, it’s very much true. We are no longer valued for just existing. We are valued based on our appearance, intelligence, personality, family, successes, and numerous other things. But however we are viewed in the world, I think that God still sees us the way we see babies: He sees us as His precious creation, a beautiful life that is loved and valued just for being His child. I wish we could start looking at ourselves, and at others, in that same way. Yes, as we grow, we make choices that make us much harder to love than an adorable little baby. But we write off people for the stupidest reasons sometimes or we don’t even give them a chance and get to know them. We devalue them based on our ridiculous standards. What if we realized that each and every person on this earth is a precious life that God created and holds potential and value just for that reason. So I challenge myself and you to think about that as you encounter people throughout your day. And remember that when you’re looking at yourself too.


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4 Responses to “Like a Baby”

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Trina, your insite never ceases to amaze me!

That is a great analogy Katrina. If we saw everyone with the eyes of Christ, exactly as you said, we would touch so many lives. Nothing in this world is more beautiful and precious to me than a newborn baby. WOW! Imagine if we gave everyone that kind of attention and love and smiles.Thank you Katrina for your beautiful insight!

WOW Trina what an amazing, God given insight that is!! Thank You for sharing that thought with us and I accept your challenge to remember how God thinks of me and everyone else I encounter!!

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