A Break from Achievement

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I’ve spent a majority of my life achieving. As the perfectionist, overachiever that I am, doing well in school was (unfortunately) pretty much my life. This worked for my personality. I am focused and goal-driven and every assignment, every test, every year gave me a goal to work hard towards. And once I reached the ultimate achievement of graduating from college, I put my effort and focus into getting a job. And here I am. I have my dream to write, but as I said in my first blog post, the dream is still very vague. I don’t have a specific goal that I’m working towards. Even if I did, with working full time, the time I get to devote to it isn’t very much. As blessed as I am to have the job that I have, it can be so hard spending so much of my time doing something that is a “just for now” and “just to make a living and get by” thing. I have no passion or drive for it. I’m not working towards anything. And I know that every season of life has its purpose, but I’ve had a hard time finding it in this one. But as I was thinking about it the other day, I realized that maybe it’s ok that I’m not achieving anything right now. I know I’ve put way too much importance on it in the past and now maybe  God wants me to learn to just “be.” To  just be content to be me. I’ve found my value in achievement. Maybe He wants me to learn to find value in Him. And I’m sure His purposes for me go way beyond worldly success and achievement. So I will continue to pray that God teaches me all that He has for me in this season of my life and just rest in knowing that I’m where I need to be right now.


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One Response to “A Break from Achievement”

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Trina, you never cease to amaze me….You have such insite. God has always been there for your decisions, whether big or small and He will lead you in whatever He wants you to do. Even if it is to work where you are, elswhere or whatever he has for your life at each time of change.

Hope I said what I wanted to so it is clear to you.

Just Always be your Sweet Self and let God lead you!!!! You are Loved soo much!

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