A New Inspiration

Posted on January 17, 2010. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I’ve been trying to figure out why when I went to school to be a writer and it’s my life passion and goal, I’m having such a hard time actually doing it. I’ve analyzed this to death and come up with lots of different reasons, which are probably all true to some degree. But today I had a revelation that hopefully will change everything. I tend to write as if there’s a publisher or critic standing over my shoulder, watching every word I write, judging whether or not it is acceptable…and not just acceptable, but good enough to fit all the standards, stand out among the crowd, and worthy enough to share with the world. I start thinking about everything I learned in school or from things I’ve read about what makes good writing and what publishers are looking for. And most of the time, I think that what I’ve just written falls short of all that. Well, I’m tired of living up to those kinds of standards. I’ve been doing it all my life. I pushed myself in school to do the kind of work worthy of an A. I worked to be the kind of student good enough to get scholarships and get into college. And now I’m facing the standards of the working world. I’m tired of having to put all my energy and effort into the playing to system to get where I need to be in life. God’s given me a love and gift for writing and a call to create, so I’m going to go do it and not let the writing and publishing standards of the world get in my way. I want my writing to be God-inspired, not society standard inspired. I want Him to be the one standing over my shoulder, whispering His words into my ear and cheering me on to become what He created me to be.


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5 Responses to “A New Inspiration”

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Ah sweetie you can do it, we believe in you!

Good for you Trina! I think that is a giant step in your process. Good luck!

Thanks, Star! 🙂

I finally found it. Sounds good to me…
You have the talent and skills to do whatever you want. Just keep working at your writing and don’t get out of practice. Love you Much….

I’m glad you found it Gma! And thanks!! 🙂

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