Create. What?

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“Create.” The clearest yet most vague message I’ve ever received from God. I have a passion for writing and got a journalism degree to pursue it.  Well, I graduated, got a day job, pushing my writing to the side until I got my life organized and let my brain rest from college.  Almost a year later, I went on a women’s retreat for my church. On the last day, each woman was given a rock with an inspirational word inscribed on it. We prayed over the rocks, aksing that God would use those rocks to speak to us and let the right rock go to the right person. I got chills when I looked down at the rock in my hand. “Create.” Not a typical inspirational word like was on most of the other rocks (Faith, Hope, etc.). Out of all the women in the room, the “create” rock went to me, the one with a sometimes stuffed down of writing. I knew at that moment that even though I didn’t know exactly where I was going, I had the right idea. God really wanted me (and was calling me) to be a writer. Well, almost another year has passed and in some ways, I feel like I haven’t come any farther along. Life became insane, as it has a habit of doing, and I’ve struggled with where to fit my writing in. Besides, what am I supposed to write? What exactly does create mean? I could have used a few more words (maybe a few paragraphs!!) on that rock. But for some reason, “create” is all that God decided to give me for now. I’m just coming out of a very rough time period and I feel like God is stirring something in me. Maybe He’s getting ready to show me the next step. To give me another word. Maybe everything I’ve been through has been preparing me and giving me inspiration. So that’s what this blog is about. I’m still am not quite sure where I’m going, but I’m going to try to find out. So I decided I need to start blogging as often as I can, pouring out my thoughts about life and God and what He’s teaching me and see where He takes it.


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